Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal

Diederich Franz Leonhard Schlechtendal since 1786 by Schlechtendal, ( born November 27, 1794 in Xanten, † October 12, 1866 in Halle ( Saale) ) was a German botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Schltdl. "; earlier was also the abbreviation " Schlechtend. " in use.

Life and work

His parents moved with him in 1798 to Berlin, where his father Diederich Friedrich Carl von Schlechtendal ( 1767-1842 ) worked as a Municipal Court Director and Chief of Police. After he was dismissed due to " physical uselessness " of the military service early, studied in Berlin Schlechtendal Medicine, where he Botany deepened especially in the " auxiliary science ". In 1819 he was with the dissertation Animadversiones Botanicae in Ranunculeas candollii doctorate to the Dr. med.

From 1819 to 1833 he was curator of the Royal Herbarium.

In 1826 he qualified as a lecturer at the Berlin Faculty of Arts; previously he was granted an honorary doctorate from Bonn. In 1827 he was appointed extraordinary professor. From 1833 he was Professor of Botany in Halle ( Saale) in 1833 as the successor of the late Kurt Sprengel; at the same time he was appointed director of the Botanical Garden Hall. Both positions he retained all his life.

He was from 1826 to 1866, the Linnaea and along with Hugo von Mohl 1843 to 1866 the Botanical newspaper out.

He died of pneumonia.

Much space within his literary activities took the description of plant collections, which were sent to him of travelers. Among other things, he described plants from the collections of Christian Julius Wilhelm differences and Ferdinand Deppe from Mexico 1824-1829.

His youngest son Diederich Herrmann Reinhard von Schlechtendal (1834-1916) worked as an entomologist.


The plant genus Schlechtendalia Less. from the sunflower family ( Asteraceae) has been named after him. Also appearing since 1998 botanical magazine Schlechtendalia, published by the " Institute of Geobotany and Botanical Garden, Martin- Luther -University Halle -Wittenberg ", was named in his honor.


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