Diophantus of Alexandria ( ancient Greek: Διόφαντος ὁ Ἀλεξανδρεύς ( Diophantus ho Alexandreús ), * and † between 100 BC and 350 AD) was a Greek mathematician. He is considered the greatest algebraists of antiquity.

It is not known exactly when he lived. The figures vary between 100 BC and 350 AD Since Diophantus of Alexandria quoted Hypsicles but he must have lived after 150 BC but before 364 AD, as Theon of Alexandria Diophantus's work mentioned. It is further believed that he lived around 250 AD, as he devoted his Arithmetica one Dionysius, in which it could be to Dionysius the Great, who was bishop of Alexandria AD 248.


About the very life of Diophantus you know next to nothing. Are known is his work.

Diophantus was broken rational numbers as solutions of algebraic equations with several unknowns. Today it is called, however, algebraic equations are sought for integer solutions, Diophantine equations. Also named after him is the theory of Diophantine approximation.

The lunar crater Diophantus is named after him.


  • Arithmetica, 13 volumes
  • De numeri polygonis, extract from the tenth volume of the Artihmetika.

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