Dispersal Draft

A Dispersal Draft is a process in professional sports, where players are required to their previous team has been resolved, no longer persists with another merged or some other reasons. Since most Drafts will be held in North America, there Dispersal Drafts thus almost exclusively there. As in the major sports leagues long no teams were dissolved more, it is often the emerging sports in the U.S. and Canada, where teams must be resolved on the basis of financial problems.


  • In the Canadian Football League started in 1996 with a Dispersal Draft instead. In the draft, the players of the Baltimore Stallions, Birmingham Barracudas, Memphis Mad Dogs, San Antonio Texans Shreveport Pirates and were, as you wanted to come back to a league with nine teams, all of which are native to Canada.
  • 2002 in Football League MLS, after the dissolution of the Tampa Bay Mutiny and the Miami Fusion.
  • The Cleveland Rockets Basketball League WNBA were dissolved in 2003 after the owner of the team had stated that they did not want to finance longer the team. The WNBA was no owner for the team, so the players could be drafted by the other teams in the league.
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