Divine Divinity

  • Pentium II CPU with 450 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics card with 8 MB ​​of video memory
  • 2.5 GB free hard disk space

Divine Divinity is a system developed by Larian Studios Hack & Slay role-playing game and the first game of the Divinity series.

History of development

Divine Divinity appeared in Germany on 2 August 2002 Two successor appeared in 2004 and 2009 with Beyond Divinity Divinity 2: . Ego Draconis. 2014 will see a further part of the series called " Divinity: Original Sin ", which is already available as Early Access version.

In 2009 they had a remastered version of the first part, extends mainly to the support of widescreen resolutions, offered as a purchasable download to multiple online distribution platforms.

However, due to a backup failure was the source of lost Remastered version and later Digital Distribution versions relied on the outdated version 1.29 so have less bug fixes as the final retail version 1.34a.

Game content

The game tells the story of the land of Rivellon and the "divine ", takes over the role of the players. He has the choice between a man / woman, warrior, survivor ( which is equivalent to a rogue class from other RPGs ) or Mage. After the generation of the player character, the player starts as a healer in the village Rescued Aleroth where you get your first jobs before working later on your own or for clients.

The game has a medieval scenario with elements from the fantasy range. You fight with a sword, ax, hammer, bow, crossbow, shield, fists or magic. The choice of role (warrior, survivor or mage ) only affects the main skills that the warriors of the Blitz is eg. You can also use combat skills, the spells and abilities of the mage or thief, and vice versa. A distinction is made in the contradictions between passive and active. Active means that you have to self- activate the respective spells, passive means that these sayings all the time are activated from the learning, for example, the improvement with the sword.