DJ Krush

DJ Krush (born 1962 in Tokyo as Hideaki Ishii ), is a Japanese hip hop DJ and music producer.

After he had gone off in the middle stage of the school, Ishii worked for the Yakuza. Inspired by the movie Wildstyle, he decided to become a DJ. Two friendly hip- hop artist from the United States gave him and his brother, who supported him at that time, the name Crash and Bang. Later, the word changed to crash Krush. This word was named for the Krush Posse, which he founded in 1987 with DJs such as DJ Muro. The group was more likely to see the end of 1992 live and earned him the reputation of being the first Japanese DJ, who appeared with live musicians.

In 1994, his debut album was released. Soon he had a recording contract with UK label Mo ' Wax by James Lavelle and was able to also celebrate successes outside Japan. In 1997 he moved to Sony Music.

During his career, he worked together with Western hip-hop artists such as CL Smooth, The Roots, Guru, Mos Def, DJ Cam, Zap Mama, Sly and Robbie, Company Flow and N'Dea Davenport. On the album Ki- Oku he can be heard along with the Japanese trumpeter Toshinori Kondo.

Ishii does not speak English and therefore regularly engaged interpreter.



  • Krush (1994, Nippon Columbia/Instinct/99 Records)
  • Strictly Turntablized (1994, Mo'Wax / Avex )
  • Meiso (Eng. " wandering " ) (1995, Sony Japan / Mo ' Wax / London Records )
  • MiLight (Eng. "future"; pun on " mirai " ) (1997, Sony Japan / Mo ' Wax)
  • Kakusei (Eng. "awakening" ) (1998, Japan's Sony / Columbia / Red Ink )
  • Zen (Eng. " Gradually " ) (2001, Sony Japan)
  • Jaku (Eng. about " loneliness " ) (2004, Sony)


  • ColdKrushCuts - DJ Krush Coldcut DJ Food (1997, Ninja Tune)
  • Reload -The Remix Collection (2001, Sony Japan)
  • Stepping Stones The Self - Remixed Best - Soundscapes (2006, Sony Japan)
  • Stepping Stones The Self - Remixed Best - Lyricism (2006, Sony Japan)


  • Holonic - The Self Megamix (1997, Sony Japan / Mo ' Wax)
  • Code 4109 (2000, Japan's Sony / Columbia / Red Ink )

Recordings with other artists

  • Ki- Oku (Eng. "memory" ) ( with Toshinori Kondo ) (1996, Sony Japan / R & S Records)


  • Suimou Tsunenimasu (2007, Sony Music Japan International) / History of DJ Krush (U.S. Title - 2007)