DJ Quicksilver

DJ Quicksilver ( born June 28, 1964 as Orhan Terzi ) is a German DJ and producer in the electronic music.

  • 3.1 albums
  • 3.2 Singles


Terzi was born in Turkey. He grew up in Hattingen, where he still lives. After he had moved to Bochum, where he opened the record store " White Label Records ," which he operated for many years. The record store quickly became the meeting place for ravers and DJs. Among other things, Orhan met to the music producer Tommaso De Donati, with whom he very successfully worked together since 1995.

His stage name DJ Quicksilver chose Terzi at a DJ competition for a barometer of success ( a column of mercury ), the shot while cheering for him in the height. His first single Bingo Bongo was released in 1995 and could reach number 36 in the German charts.

The team led by DJ Quicksilver had its most successful period of creativity in the years 1997 and 1998. The single Belissima was sold in England alone over 400,000 times, which the production team earned a gold record. In addition, Quicksilver was nominated for a Brit Award.

DJ Quicksilver's producer was Tommaso De Donati, who acted largely in the background. Since 2009 Quicksilver is working with another producer.

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Watergate are David Haid, Tommaso De Donati and DJ Quicksilver.