DLR Band


  • Vocals: David Lee Roth
  • Bass: Bob B'urbon
  • Bass: Tom Lilly
  • Guitar: Mike Hartman
  • Guitar: John 5
  • Synthesizer, Guitar: Terry Kilgore
  • Drums: Ray Luzier

DLR band was the fifth album by David Lee Roth. It appeared on the set up specially for the publication of Roth label " Wawazat! Records ".


DLR tape was recorded and mixed in the Ocean Entertainment Studios in Burbank and in Mama Joe 's Studios in North Hollywood (California ) in just ten days - a way of working that Roth stopped since the Van Halen album Van Halen II ( 1979) had. John Lowery (aka John 5 ) and Mike Hartman played guitar on the album, Hartman also took over also the bass and renamed it under the pseudonym " B'ourbon Bob".

The album received very positive reviews after its release, especially in comparison to Roth ' previous two releases (A Little Is not Enough 1991 Your Filthy Little Mouth and 1994 ). Nevertheless, the album was not commercially successful because of poor sales opportunities by Roth ' little label and only little advertising. In addition, Roth initially seemed to have no interest, present the album live on tour; than it did in 1999 but then, the band played frequently in smaller halls and with non-contiguous dates.

John Lowery and Mike Hartman both belonged not to the group went on tour, so that Roth had to look once more for a replacement guitarist who accompanied him. He chose Bart Walsh, a guitarist who had played until shortly before his commitment to Roth in the Van Halen tribute band " The Atomic Punks ".

The DLR Band entitled " Indeedido " and "King of the Hill" later appeared on Mike Hartman's solo album Black Glue under the titles "Southern Romp " and " Stomp "

Musician list

  • David Lee Roth - Harmonica, Vocals
  • B'urbon Bob - Bass
  • Mike Hartman - Guitar
  • Terry Kilgore - Synthesizer, Guitar
  • Tom Lilly - Bass
  • John Lowery - Guitar
  • Ray Luzier - drums

Title list