David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth ( born October 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana ) is an American musician. He was from the mid 1970s to the mid-1980s and has since 2007 lead singer of the hard rock band Van Halen.


After he had gained as a singer of Van Halen fame, he started in 1985 with the produced by Ted Templeman Halen producer EP Crazy from the heat (2x platinum) on a solo career. The title California Girls, Just a Gigolo and Coconut Grove were very successful and thus tolled the end of his time with Van Halen one. After his departure Van Halen were also successful with their new vocalist Sammy Hagar ( ex- Montrose ). The first album without Roth, they named in allusion to the migrated singer 5150th The title refers to an American police code for a " runaway homicidal psychopaths ", but also the model name of the guitar amp Peavey 5150th

Roth graduated then in 1986 with the musicians Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, and Gregg Bissonette on a world tour in support of his album Eat ' Em and Smile. His old bandmates from Van Halen named after her next album again with an allusion OU 812 ( readable than Oh, you ate one, too ).

Roth did in particular produced by an extroverted stage show. The latter may lie in his diagnosed in childhood hyperactivity. Rumors from this period indicate that David Lee Roth insured against possible paternity suits at Lloyd's in England.

The second album, Skyscraper, was produced in 1987 by Roth with Steve Vai and recorded in the same occupation as Eat ' Em And Smile and published in 1988. In January 1991, produced by Bob Rock album A Little Is not Enough appeared. For studio band included Gregg Bissonette (drums), Brett Tuggle (keyboards), Matt Bissonette (bass ), Steve Hunter (guitar) and Jason Becker ( Guitar). Becker left the band after the recordings for his disease to ALS.

Roth's band consisted for the European tour, which began in Glasgow on 22 February 1991 from the guitarist Joe Holmes ( lead guitar ) and Desi Rexx (rhythm guitar), bassist Todd Jensen and Gregg Bissonette and Brett Tuggle. The group came under this tour to Germany (eg, April 6, 1991 Philipshalle Dusseldorf ) to promote the album. A Little Is not Enough remained well below the sales figures of the previous albums.

Roth reoriented himself and in 1994 brought with Your Filthy Little Mouth a compilation clearly bluesy and soulful pieces on the market. The album was produced by Nile Rodgers, guitar virtuoso disco veterans Chic. But Your filthy little mouth fell far short of commercial expectations; it was the last release of Roth at Warner Bros. The accompanying tour flopped even, Roth had to dodge large halls to small clubs and occur less than 500 listeners. In 1995, David Lee Roth went for a guest to Las Vegas back. Together with the 15 - piece orchestra Non-Stop Blues Bustin ' Mambo Slammers, which also includes saxophone legend Edgar Winter belonged, Roth played nightly in the famous Bally 's Ballroom songs from Van Halen and DLR repertoire in blues and soul style.

For the 1996 released greatest hits collection Van Halen - Best of Volume 1 David Lee Roth met again with his former colleagues to the pieces in the studio to Me wise magic and Can not get this stuff no more. This liaison was short- lived, as the Van Halens and Roth delivered at a press conference following their acclaimed performance at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, a verbal altercation that meant an end to the collaboration.

1997 Roth released the greatest hits album Best of David Lee Roth, which also contained a new title: Do not piss me off The song opened the album and was from Roth, Steve Hunter (guitar), Brett Tuggle (keyboard), Freebo (bass) and Jack White (drums) have been recorded in the recording studio " the Alley " in North Hollywood. In the same year his autobiography Crazy From the Heat appeared.

Then Roth walked back on a solo career, brought in 1998 with a new band out another album, simply titled DLR band. He could not get back to its reached with Van Halen success. In the summer of 2002 it came to be that Hagar and Roth Heavyweight Champions of Rock and Roll successfully toured together in the USA. Among fans, this tour Sans Halen was called. In 2003, Diamond Dave, Roth sings mostly songs by other artists here. His current guitarist Brian Young has curiously played several years in a Van Halen cover band. In autumn 2005, Roth joined in several regions of the United States ( including New York) is the successor of cult radio host Howard Stern at the transmitter K -rock.

The collaboration with David Lee Roth as the moderator and the CBS has now been terminated on the part of CBS. Rumors on the Internet stating that DLR could follow his predecessor star to Sirius Satellite Radio stations to go live again on the airwaves. Roth contributed to two tracks of Van Halen tribute album Strummin 'With The Devil in the singing - in bluegrass style, accompanied by banjo and fiddle.

He sees himself more as an " entertainer " rather than " Only Singer ". Accordingly, he often enriches his stage show chats à la Dean Martin, and was ( with his partner, Pete Angelus ) responsible for the staggered with comedy elements by Jump, Panama, Hot For Teacher, California Girls, Just A Gigolo, Yankee Rose and Goin 'Crazy responsible.

Beginning of 2007, reconciled, Roth and Van Halen. A tour with Roth was announced for the first half of 2007, but was postponed because Eddie Van Halen had to go into a detox clinic. After his recovery the tour between September and December 2007 was completed in the U.S. and Canada. Almost all the concerts were sold out.

In January 2011, went Van Halen with David Lee Roth into the studio to record the first album together since 1984. It was published in February 2012 under the name of A Different Kind of Truth.