Jump (Van Halen song)

Jump is a song by Van Halen from 1984, which was released on the album in 1984. The title was written in 1983 by the band members Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony, David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen; Producer Ted Templeman was.

Emergence and success

Jump was published on 5 January 1984, finished second in the U.S. for five weeks number one in the charts ( from February 25 to March 24, 1984 ). In Canada and Italy, it became a number -one hit. The producer of the song was Ted Templeman. The piece is the second song on the album in 1984 and was recorded in Los Angeles from April to May 1983 at Studio 5150.

The song was a OBX -A synthesizer played by Oberheim, which was also used in the music video and on tour. The electric guitar solo and the intro was played by Edward Van Halen. In its basic idea there were this title since the late 70er/Anfang 80s. He had just never made ​​it to the previous albums, as Edward Van Halen could not convince the rest of the band or the producer. Large reservations had the singer David Lee Roth, who was against the use of synthesizers in the music of Van Halen long. When Edward Van Halen was building his own studio in the backyard of his house in the Hollywood Hills greater influence on the production of the Van Halen songs, managed this title on the LP.

The text is by David Lee Roth. The basic idea of ​​' go ahead and jump he, when he saw a suicide on the roof of the Arco Towers in Los Angeles had. The director for the music video also led Lee Roth. The video shows the band on stage. The clip was nominated for the MTV Music Awards.

Cover versions