Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog ( German: "Crazy Frog ") is an animated character, in the same commercial for a ringtone company Jamba! occurs. The promotional video is based on computer animation The Annoying Thing of Sweden Erik Wernquist. The animation accompanied the imitation of the sound of a moped, two-stroke engine by Daniel Malmedahl.


The Crazy Frog is an anthropomorphic amphibian - a frog - wearing an open white motorcycle helmet, a leather jacket and a wind goggles. He has also webbed and asymmetric large eyes and a ambiguous, but discussed the genital area, which is censored since 2006.

The figure mimics the driving and while the sounds of a motorcycle. With the " play" of the nonexistent vehicle combination, the frog floats away and leaves exhaust gases. The figure then disappears with great speed in the distance.


In 1997, the 17-year -old Swede Daniel Malmedahl tried to imitate various engine noises. His friends recognized his talent and published a version of the imitations on a website. Soon the media were aware of this talent, so Daniel Malmedahl afforded his skills in a TV show.

Furthermore, the piece in peer-to -peer networks used under the name " 2taktare ", which is the Swedish term for " two-stroke ".

The piece was quickly incorporated into various flash animations and spread widely over the Internet. The most famous animation called " Insanity test" (English for madness test) required by the spectators - who was looking at a formula 1 car - not to laugh while the piece was being played; otherwise applies to the viewers as crazy.

In 2003, Erik Wernquist met on the piece of music and decided on the 3D animation " The Annoying Thing" to design. The entertainment was a well-known piece of his website, the source of the piece, however, was there given as "anonymous".

Daniel Malmedahl got the information that his piece of music had achieved notoriety on this website, and contacted Erik Wernquist, made ​​his rights to the sound sample submitted and received in return.


Jamba! acquired 2004, the license to distribute the animation as a ringtone from the previous owner VeriSign. In various media, the associated ringtone "Axel F" was advertised on the basis of animation under the new title " The Crazy Frog". It is estimated that the company has achieved alone with this ringtone 15 million euro profit.

Following this campaign many similar, animated campaigns were launched.

After the first version, in which he disappears after a two-cycle engine noises with exhaust gases and the second version ( "Axel F. " with sounds ) followed in July 2005, the next frog animation, the "Popcorn Mix", in which the Crazy Frog in a disco plates hangs up and at the end also has a in the mouth. From the third video of the Crazy Frogs, there are two versions: the above-described "Popcorn Mix" and the "Madagascar " movie song " I Like to Move It ". The video is the same for both, but sings " Crazy Frog " two different titles.


Against the advertising campaign "Crazy Frog", as already against other campaigns to promote downloading ringtones - preferably on music channels - many complaints were heard. The end of 2005 338 clients were awarded damages because evidence ringtone subscriptions seemed too short and only in small print in television advertising of the provider in the UK. However, the sum must give the service provider mBlox. Nevertheless, reached processing of the topic (see publications section ) is not low sales figures. The members of the British band Coldplay said that they would prefer to separate the frog one leg and eat as a result of the Crazy Frogs Coldplay's single failed to rise to No. 1 on the British charts.


The track " Crazy Frog - Axel F. ", originally from the Hannover producer team Dohmeyer / Wagner alias " off- cast Project" produced and later from Mülheim producer team Reith / Kroll / Raith aka "Bass Bumpers" ( Bump Recordings) by the " two-stroke " expanded sound, and was published on 23 May 2005 in England on Gusto Records. For this purpose, the " two-stroke " sound with the theme of the movie tune "Axel F. " ( Beverly Hills Cop ) by Harold Faltermeyer was combined. On 30 May 2005, the "Crazy Frog" space reached 1 in the British charts. In the English press, the supposed demise of Western culture was seen and called for a boycott and banning the amphibian. The frog landed in Europe in the following years in the top ten and in some countries (Belgium, Ireland and others) at No. 1 Album Crazy Hits was subsequently published. Then are both known as well as new pieces like Pinocchio or Whoomp.

A new edition of the animation in combination with the play Axel F. was made by cactus film and Erik Wernquist, the producer of the first animation " The Annoying Thing". Born out of the new production music video entitled "Axel Frog" includes the well-known figure who is being chased by a bounty hunter, because they are the most annoying character in the world is ( based on engl. "The annoying thing" - translated: " the annoying thing " ).

In December 2005 came the video game for the Game Boy Advance "Crazy Frog Racer feat in Germany. The Annoying Thing "on the market.



  • 2005 - Axel F ( Original: Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer )
  • 2005 - Popcorn (Original: Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley )
  • 2005 - Jingle Bells / U Can not Touch This ( Original: Jingle Bells by James Lord Pierpont / Super Freak by Rick James and U Can not Touch This by MC Hammer)
  • 2006 - We Are the Champions (Ding A Dang Dong ) ( Original: We Are the Champions by Queen)
  • 2006 - Last Christmas ( Original: Last Christmas by Wham! )
  • 2007 - Crazy Frog in the House
  • 2009 - Daddy DJ
  • 2009 - Cha Cha Slide
  • 2009 - Safety Dance
  • 2010 - Ding Dong Song


  • 2005 - Crazy Hits
  • 2006 - More Crazy Hits
  • 2009 - Best of Crazy Hits
  • 2009 - Everybody Dance Now
  • Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Video Hits is a DVD containing all the music and videos of the Crazy Frog.
  • Track list