The Jazzkantine is a jazz - rap band from Braunschweig. It was inspired by the band project Jazzmatazz, by Ole Sander, Matthias Lanzer and Christian Quarter founded in 1993. Characteristic of the music of the Jazzkantine is the mixing of the various style elements of rap and jazz. The band has collaborated with artists as diverse as Smudo, Götz Alsmann and bands like Such A Surge.


Already with their Jazzkantine -titled debut album, they managed - not least thanks to a prominent line-ups - to a contract with record label BMG Hamburg and a high entry in the charts. In 1996, the band for the German music award Echo in the category of Best Jazz production; the group continued to receive the German Jazz Award and the Golden ear.

Since 1994, the band played more than 1000 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others at the Montreux Jazz Festival. On April 6, 2002 took place during the event series " hr3 @ night " in the Kassel exhibition halls, a concert together with the hr-Bigband (led by Jörg Achim Keller ) instead. The projects Tanzzkantine, Brown Schweich, Brown Schweich, Ölper 12 Pöints and Ölper 12 Pöints - The second season and our Eintracht were processed with the Staatstheater Braunschweig four successful co-productions.

2008 CD Hell's Kitchen, where the band hard rock songs in Jazzkantine sound reinterpreted appeared (among the guest singers Xavier Naidoo, Max Mutzke, Tom Gaebel, and Pat Appleton from DePhazz ). The album reached # 1 on the iTunes jazz charts in July 2008 and also # 1 on the German Media Control Charts Jazz.

Since April 2011, the rhythm section of Jazzkantine occurs in the drama meat on my vegetables as " Tiffany " at the Staatstheater Braunschweig.

Another project Jazzkantine is the blue house band. Four or five times a year, this band jamming in the small house of the Braunschweig State Theatre. In addition to members of the Jazzkantine (strain Formation: Christian Eitner, Tom Bennecke, Andy Lindner, Christian Winning Hoff, Heiner Schmitz ) guest musicians are invited, including hitherto Roger Cicero, Pat Appleton, Dr. Ring Ding, Sam Leigh- Brown ( Frank Popp Ensemble ) Mädditation ( mousse T. band), rock DJ Handtrix ( A Surge ), B. La ( Cultured Pearls ), Tom Gaebel, Silent Radio, Sascha Munnich and Phil Barnes.

In December 2011, had a more theatrical production with the participation of Jazzkantine Premiere: The Brunswick Christmas story. Together with the long -time colleague Peter Schanz ( writer and director ) presented the band a nativity play in a historic Spiegeltent to the Braunschweig Martini church square.

In March 2012, the Jazzkantine released a new album with Universal Music titled Jazzkantine plays folk songs. For the first time interpreted the band classic German folk songs in a new style, and mixes them with influences from hip-hop, reggae and soul in a typical jazz canteen robe. As on previous albums, the band uses the help of notable guests such as Pat Appleton from De -Phazz or Sam Leigh -Brown by Frank Popp Ensemble.

Mid- September 2013 was released the album Ultra High Temperature, on which the band has returned to their roots. To hear Guest musicians are Joo Kraus ( tp) and Nils Wogram (tb ) and singer Nora Becker.


  • 2000: " In Formation " (Album)
  • 2000: "I'd like to change the world " ( Maxi )
  • 2000: " The Remix Album " (Album)
  • 2000: " age" ( Maxi )
  • 2001: " The Jazzkantine tanzzt! " (as Tanzzkantine ) ( Album)
  • 2002: " Food for the Soul" (Album)
  • 2002: "Chaos 2001 " ( Maxi ) see discussion
  • 2003: " Unlimited stability " (Album)
  • 2004: " Brown Schweich, Brown Schweich! " (Album)
  • 2004: " Best of Jazzkantine " (Album)
  • 2008: " Highway to Hell" ( Maxi )
  • 2008: " Hell's Kitchen" (Album)
  • 2009: "Our unity " (Album)
  • 2012: " Jazzkantine plays folk songs " (Album)
  • 2012: " In the early morning dew on the mountains" ( Maxi )
  • 2013: " Ultra High Temperature " (Album)