Dominic of Silos

Dominic of Silos - originally Domingo Manso - (* 1005 in Cañas in Logroño, † December 20, 1073 in Santo Domingo de Silos ) is a very popular saint in Spain of the Catholic Church.


According to tradition, came from Dominic a wealthy family. In his youth he herded the cattle of his parents. At the age of 26, he was ordained a priest; short time later, he entered the Benedictine monastery of San Millan de la Cogolla. Within four years, he renewed the Priory (?) Cañas, but returned to the mother monastery, where he was elected in 1038 to the Prior. A few years later he came to the king García I. of Navarre in dispute over possessions of the monastery and had to flee to the neighboring kingdom of Castile. There was about King Ferdinand I, he assumed management of the monastery of Silos and Dominic led the unworldly Abbey to a scientific and cultural prosperity, witness to the former scriptorium and the library today testimony. The end of the work on the given probably by him in a cloister ( claustro ) he did not live - he died in the year 1073rd

Veneration of saints

About the Causes of Saints Dominic ' silos are no documents - perhaps he was a tacitly accepted by many of the Catholic Church folk saints. The Monastery of Silos with his tomb was only a few kilometers from the Spanish Way of St. James ( Camino de Santiago) removed; later bore his name and became a major pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages. Dominic of Silos was revered as the patron saint of shepherds and prisoners.