Donnie Allison

Dunkiny " Donnie " Allison ( born September 7, 1939 in Hueytown, Alabama ) is a retired American race car driver who was active in NASCAR. He was a member of the Alabama Gang, a group of NASCAR drivers, and is the brother of Winston Cup champions of the 1983 season, Bobby Allison, and the uncle of the deceased Davey Allison.


Donnie Allison began in 1966 in the Grand National Series, today's Sprint Cup to drive. He made ​​his debut on 16 October 1966 at the National 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. Allison finished the race after 186 laps with an engine problem. Even at two weeks later discharged American 500 at North Carolina Motor Speedway, he participated and finished ninth.

In his entire career in the highest division of NASCAR he was never a full-time driver. Allison drove a maximum of 21 races per season. His best finishing position in the Drivers' Appreciation was a 16th place, which it occupied in the 1967 season, in which he participated in 20 of the 49 races. On June 16, 1968 Allison was the first time the way to Victory Lane Grand National Series, as he won the Carolina 500 at North Carolina Motor Speedway. Overall, he won ten times in his career. Three of those victories he scored in the season 1970.

Most likely, however, it is not his achievements that make him known today, but the Daytona 500 in 1979, in which it came to one of the most legendary finishers in the history of the Daytona 500. Donnie Allison led the race in the last lap. Cale Yarborough drove in his slipstream and tried to pass him at the end of the back straight, but Allison drove battle line. Yarborough did not lose any ground and decided to overtake Allison inside, but his left wheels came off the track. He lost control of his car and drove Allison at the end of the back straight into the side. As both drivers tried to keep their cars on the track, they touched several times before they finally collided together in turn three with the wall. After both cars had come to a halt in the grass, Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough began violently to discuss with each other. Having clarified the situation, the already outsell Bobby Allison drove to the two back and defended his brother. Then broke out a fight. Richard Petty won the race.

Donnie Allison finished in 1989 his NASCAR career. Until then, he walked 242 times in Winston Cup and 20 times in the Busch Series at the start. In Winston Cup Allison won ten races, 78 times he came in the top 5 and 115 times he could finish the race in the top 10. In the Busch Series Allison can only once in the top 5 and five times in the top 10.

In the years 1970 and 1971 Allison participated in the Indianapolis 500 in 1970, he crossed in sixth and seventh place in 1971 as the finish line.