David Pearson (racing driver)

David Pearson (born 22 December 1934 in Whitney, South Carolina ) is a retired American NASCAR driver and three -time champion in the Winston Cup.

The under the nickname " Silver Fox " (Silver Fox) known Pearson debuted in the 1960 season in the Grand National Series of NASCAR and won the title directly as a rookie of the year. During his career, he won three league titles in the series, namely 1966, 1968 and 1969. Considered one of the greatest drivers of NASCAR, which is due in part to the duels with Richard Petty, another NASCAR legend,. Between August 8, 1963, June 12, 1977, she completed 63 races on the first two places, with Pearson emerged with 33 victories just as the winner of the duel.

One of the most famous incidents occurred at the Daytona 500 at the beginning of the season in 1976, when Pearson and Petty went bumper to bumper in the final round. When it came to a hard contact their cars, both turned and slammed into the perimeter wall. Just a few hundred meters before the finish Petty sat in his car, whose engine had gone out and not allowed to start again. Pearson's engine was still running and he secured the victory.

After 26 seasons Pearson ended his career after the 1986 season. He is behind Richard Petty, the driver with the second highest number of wins and also on pole positions.