NASCAR Rookie of the Year

The NASCAR Rookie of the Year Award is an award for Best Newcomer ( rookie ) in a NASCAR series.

  • 4.1 Sprint Cup
  • 4.2 Nationwide Series
  • 4.3 Craftsman Truck Series


The Rookie of the Year Award was presented in the top division of NASCAR, today's Sprint Cup, for the first time in 1954. Winner of the award was Blackie Pitt. From 1958 to 1973 Rookie of the Year was NASCAR officially elected annually, but that time there was still no special point system, which made apparent which driver was Rookie of the Year. It was so that NASCAR officials gathered for a meeting at which the driver was selected, which was in their opinion the best. Since 1974, NASCAR uses a clear and unequivocal points system, so that is clearly visible to anyone who gets Year award, the Rookie of the.

Points system

Basic rules

The newcomers will receive points for the 17 best races they had in the course of a NASCAR Sprint Cup season.

  • The highest placed newcomer receives ten points, the second best nine, the third- best eight, etc.
  • Every freshman who signs up for a race before the deadline gets at least one point, regardless of whether you ultimately qualified or where you end up in the race.

Bonus points

Bonus points will be awarded in the following cases:

  • If a rider in the top -10 finishes his race. In the first place he would receive ten points, nine points for second place and so on.
  • After each segment. The NASCAR season is divided into three segments: segment 1, the first ten races, segment 2 are the following ten races and segment 3, the remaining races of the season. In Sprint Cup, this would be 16 races in the Craftsman Truck Series only five.
  • The best-placed rookie in the driver's Ranking at the end of the season receives ten extra points. This need not be necessarily the best-placed driver in the rookie standings, since the points systems are very different.


In the last week of the season, hitting a five-member panel of drivers and NASCAR officials. Members and team members of the contenders for the Rookie of the Year title may not participate. This committee evaluates the newcomers to the following criteria:

  • Behavior towards the officials
  • Behavior on the track
  • Personal appearance and behavior in the press

Should it be necessary to access by, then this body may punish a driver slightly so as not to jeopardize the reputation of NASCAR.


Drivers must meet the following conditions to qualify as a Rookie of the Year contender:

  • The driver must have driven more than seven races in any previous season.
  • A driver who has completed more than five races in a higher series may not go to the Rookie of the Year a smaller series, such as the Nationwide Series or Craftsman Truck Series.
  • If a driver has not reported to the 20th race of the season for at least eight races, he is disqualified.
  • If a newcomer in the race for a team racing for which he is not ascended into the qualification, as could occur, for example in case of injuries or diseases of the root driver of each car, then this driver will not receive any points for the rookie standings. However, he gets full marks in the driver standings.

Award winners of the individual series

Sprint Cup

Nationwide Series

Craftsman Truck Series

  • Sporting Award ( United States)