E3 European long distance path

European Route E3 will run from the Black Sea to the Iberian Peninsula.

Starting from Istanbul in Turkey has been missing a mark of the way to Cape Emine on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In Bulgaria the route as marked hiking trail Kom - Emine on the Central Balkan National Park and the Shipka Pass at the crest of the Balkan Mountains in east-west direction leads to the Serbian border.

The Romanian section is likewise only in the planning stage.

The already completed part of the hiking trail traverses parts of Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Spain. Between the Hungarian-Slovak border and the Eastern Ore Mountains it is largely identical to the 1983 -established International Mountain trail of friendship Eisenach- Budapest.

The 250- kilometer route in the Saxon Erzgebirge reblogged this course from west to east: Muehlleithen, Carl field, Wildenthal, Auersberg, Sosa, Hunter House, Volume, Black / Erzgeb, markers Bach, Annaberg -Buchholz, Pöhlberg, Wall Mount, Großrückerswalde, Marienberg, Lauterbach., Zöblitz, Rübenau, Olbernhau, Seiffen, Sidon, Rechenberg- Bienenmuhle, Rehefeld, Kahle, Altenberg, Lauenstein, Bad Gottleuba and Bahratal.

Sections of the trail leads through ancient pilgrimage roads and temporarily completed in Santiago de Compostela. A continuation of the way through Portugal to Cape St. Vincent is planned. In Western Europe, he is with the additional designation Atlantic - marked Bohemian Forest - Ardennes.

The road has a total length of about 6950 km.

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