Ed (TV series)

Ed is an American dramedy television series which aired from 2000 to 2004 by the NBC television network. In Germany Ed ran from 27 March 2004 to Sat.1.


The focus of the series is Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh ). After Ed loses his job at a premier law firm because of a comma error in a 500-page contract, he caught his wife at home in bed with a postman. These events encourage him to spend time in his old hometown, Stuckeyville.

Once there, he befriends again with his old friends, including his high school sweetheart, Carol Vessey. Finally, Ed decides to stay in Stuckeyville regain Carol's heart and to buy an old run-down bowling center.

The $ 10 bets

It is between Ed and Mike a tradition that challenge them to silly, embarrassing or funny things and the other when he performs this, $ 10 is charged. Examples are: meow on the open road or a total stranger to sing something.


Instrumentation and synchronization

The German synchronization of the first season was created by a synchronous book and the dialogue director Holger Twellmann, while the other three season a synchronous book by Bernd Eichner, Thomas Kästner, Detlev Klein and Peter Wesp and the dialogue director Bernd Eichner, respectively, by the synchronous Company Arena Synchron GmbH in Berlin was born.


In 2001, the television series was nominated for an Emmy in three categories and won the People 's Choice Award and the Artios Award from the Casting Society of America, the Family Television Award and the GLAAD Media Award. Thomas Cavanagh was nominated in 2002 for a Golden Globe Award.