Egged (company)


Egged (Hebrew אגד, German composite ), is the name of the largest bus company of Israel, a cooperative owned by its members.

The result is Egged in 1933 from a merger of four smaller bus companies. Today Egged promoted with over 6000 employees, about 1 million passengers daily. The turnover in 2009 was around 2.866 trillion shekels ( approximately € 580 million). The bus company that includes its fleet of around 3,000 vehicles and their extensive route network of 945 lines as one of the largest in the world. The Company maintains an extensive network of intercity and city lines throughout the country and is the main public transport operator in Israel. In addition, the company owns subsidiaries in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Poland. After deviating information Egged is in second or third among the world's largest bus company ( behind Greyhound and Transport for London ).

The central bus stations ( Tachana Merkazit תחנה מרכזית ), which operates the company in the cities are usually also called Egged. The most important of these bus stations are located in Tel Aviv; the multi-storey facility is approached daily by several thousand buses, and was entered as the largest bus terminal in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records.

After repeated attacks had been perpetrated on buses already, the indiscriminate terrorist militant Palestinians focused during the Second Intifada against Israeli civilians temporarily on buses, in which several suicide attacks were carried out. The burnt-out wreckage of the destroyed coastal roads at stop Egged bus is on display in the company museum in Holon. For dangerous routes, the company has 71 armored buses.

Egged put to a ban by the Supreme Court of Israel in January 2011 between some ultra-Orthodox towns and residential areas, so-called " Mehadrin buses" one in which women were allowed to sit only in the back of the bus.