Eiszeit (Album)


  • Alexander " Alexx " Wesselsky: Voice
  • Noel Pix: Music

Ice Age is the fourth studio album by the German band Eisbrecher. It was published in 2010. Icebreaker With Ice Age could for the first time in the band's history the top 10 of the German album charts reach. The album debuted at # 5. The album was released in three versions: a comprehensive ten pieces standard version, a deluxe edition with three bonus tracks, two remixes, and a limited edition with bonus tracks in addition to the live footage from a show in Stuttgart, from the year 2009.


The style moves, as on the previous album sin between electronic and rock, but is generally sound became more pop-like what the title Ice Age and Thy way, a ballad show. There were frequently drawn comparisons with Depeche Mode. When piece The angels similarities were seen to hit.


In interviews indicated icebreaker, the album's title came from the cold, the rule in humans. This is reflected among others in the lyrics of the songs ice age and amok. The general cult of the body is discussed in supermodel.


Michael Edele of Laut.de called Ice Age, " a largely good album ". He missed three out of five stars. On Whiskey soda.de the album was called " by far the best work of the Bavarians ". After school marks a one has been assigned.

Title list

(*) Bonus tracks on the limited edition