Eliezer Steinbarg

Eliezer stone Barg, אליעזער שטיינבֿאַרג (also Eliezer stone Barg or Steinberg, born May 18, 1880 in Lipcany, today Moldova, † March 27, 1932 in Czernowitz, Romania, now Ukraine), was a Jewish writer who wrote in Yiddish.


In Lipcany stone Barg was a teacher of Yiddish and Hebrew and Director of Hebrew and Yiddish school. 1919 moved stone by Barg Lipcany to Czernowitz. In 1921 he was a Hebrew and in Bucharest in 1922 in Czernowitz a Yiddish children fibula out. He organized a Yiddish children's theater, in the choir and the subsequent lyric tenor Joseph Schmidt participated. In a village in the Carpathian Mountains, he also founded a summer camp, where he sang with the children and told them stories and legends. In 1925, he was planning to emigrate to Palestine, it did not, however, but moved to Brazil in 1928 to improve its economic situation. He headed in Rio de Janeiro, the Sholem Aleichem School - 1930 and returned back to Romania. In 1932 he died in Czernowitz after an appendectomy and is buried in the local Jewish cemetery. In the life of the city, whose population in 1930 to 47% jewish, art and culture and the Yiddish language had a high priority. This explains that at the funeral stone Bargs thousands of mourners appeared.

Work and Aftermath

The poet Rose Auslander (1901-1988) published 1931-1933 many of his texts in Czernowitz newspapers. Posthumously published in 1932, 1935 and 1936 as well as fables, partly illustrated by Arthur Kolnik ( 1890-1972 ), with whom he was a friend and who also designed Bargs stone grave stone. Printings in Bucharest 1934/35, Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv in 1949, 1969 and 1980 followed. To date, stone Barg attracts attention, such as an exhibition of the Tübingen University Library 1999 or by means of a reading in Hannover 2010.

In 1939, the children's library " E. Open stone Barg " Scholem Aleichem - school in Rio de Janeiro. In 1972, a memorial exhibition was held in Jerusalem. The literary estate stone Bargs was passed by the heirs of the Jerusalem Jewish National Library. In Chernivtsi Eliezer Stone Barg - cultural society and a street named after him. Since 1991, has a plaque on his house down. The Yiddish writer Josef Burg recalled in 1998:

"I wrote a poem in Yiddish and have shown it stone Barg. He said to be a Yiddish poet, and a poet ever to be a writer is a very serious thing, but a decent human being, which is very light. I wish you in your life. As far as I was a decent person in my life that I do not know but that I became a poet, a writer, I owe in the first place Eliezer stone Barg. "