Ellerbach (Altenau)

The Ellerbach in Kirchborchen just before the confluence with the Altenau

The Ellerbach (also called the Eller ) is a 28.1 km long right tributary of the east or Altenau in Paderborn district (North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany ).


The Ellerbach rises in the southern part of Eggegebirge and Teutoburg Forest Nature Park / Eggegebirge. Its source is in Emden forest about 4 km ( straight line ) south of Schwaney, a municipality part of Altenbeken.

Initially, the Bach Teutoburg Forest / Eggegebirge flows in the natural park north to in Schwaney to the west and then along the county road 38 - to turn to the southwest - the Urenberg passing ( 331.6 m above sea level. ). Then he reached the location on the western edge of the Natural Park Dahl, an off- km and 7 km (air line) east-southeast of the city of Paderborn, the suburb.

Below Dahl and thus outside of the nature reserve, where the Ellerbach seeps not only in summer partly in the ground, it flows through the nature reserve Ellerbach founded in 1999, and 42 -acre ( NSG-Nr. 318 339 ) and the settlement Haxtergrund. There he crosses the main road 68 Then he passed the tortuous Haxterberg ( 248.2 m above sea level. NN ) to the far northeast of it airfield Paderborn- Haxterberg and a little further downstream the Hamborn castle, which at 188.6 m above sea level. NN about 20 to 30 m is on the limestone ridge of the mountain lap above a loop of the Ellerbachs.

Below this castle, the Ellerbach turns west to flow into underground Kirchborchen to approximately 650 m in length, approximately along the course of the brook street and then openly lying to force over a short distance between the houses of the village through.

After picking up the little brook Biske which entfließt the karst spring Storchenkolk and opens from the southeast, and crosses a mill stream of Ellerbach opens inside the church Borchens in the right water-rich and coming from the south Altenau.


Water management

In the summer are below Dahl partly wide sections of the Ellerbachs dry because of this in the karst underground - here Limestone - seeps, so that it is at least above ground leads to its mouth in the Altenau no water.

The Ellerbach leads after heavy or prolonged rainfall and during the snow melt every now and then extremely strong flood; particularly devastating it was in the last days of May of 1931 and at the Heinrich flood in July 1965, when the waters were rolling by Dahl and not only there, but also in Kirchborchen inflicting great damage. Also on New Year's Day 2003, there was a strong flood after the local county road had to be closed for several days.

( 1.94 million cubic meters of storage space built in 1978 to 1980) established with the dam ( crown 167.5 m above sea level, length about to flood protection for Kirchborchen and, further downstream, lying villages flood retention basins Borchen was on Ellerbach just below Castle Hamborn. . 200 m, max. embankment height 16.5 m) near the northeast of the Dahl Berghof ( estate ) stands.


The headwaters of the Ellerbachs is located on the Rhine -Weser watershed: This means that the Ellerbach flowing into western directions, drained by the Altenau, Alme and lip into the Rhine, while the Nethe, the east of Harrow main ridge springs, flows in a northeasterly direction into the Weser.

Tributaries and catchment area

Among the tributaries of the Ellerbachs whose catchment area covers 91.104 km ² belong with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length, including Mündungsort with Ellerbachkilometer and - if known - catchment size ( bach downward considered ) /:

  • Biske ( l, 1.1 km), the karst spring Storchenkolk (or: Vodes Kolk ) entfließend, opening into Kirchborchen ( at 0.1 km )


And the settlements on Ellerbach include:

  • Schwaney - District of Altenbeken
  • Dahl - district of Paderborn
  • Haxtergrund - settlement southeast of Paderborn
  • Castle Hamborn - local position of Borchener hamlet Kirchborchen with lock Hamborn
  • Kirchborchen - District of Borchen