EM stands for:

  • European Championship, a competition class
  • Penalty in football
  • Disciplinary Action in the Bundeswehr
  • EM Strasbourg Business School, a French business school in Strasbourg

Science and Technology:

  • Effective Microorganisms, an agrarian method
  • Single-sideband in radio technology
  • Electromagnetism generally in physics
  • Electro-migration in the electrical conductor tracks
  • Electron microscopy, electron microscopy
  • End of medium, the ASCII code 25
  • Erythema migrans, several medical syndromes
  • Expectation-Maximization algorithm, an algorithm of mathematical statistics


  • Railway Museum, in the name
  • Electronic music, a genre
  • Encyclopedia of the fairy tale
  • Eurasian Magazine, a magazine
  • Hymns of the United Methodist Church


  • EM ( brand ) or EM Research Organization Inc., registered international brand
  • EM.TV, a former media companies; see Constantin Medien
  • Electric Material AG, a Swiss electrical wholesale company
  • Energetikos ministerija (LR EM), Department of Energy in Lithuania

License Plate:

  • In Germany: Emmendingen
  • In Greece: Syros ( Cyclades)
  • UK: Chelmsford
  • In Sweden: diplomatic plates for Ukraine

Em stands for:

  • E Minor, in the musical chord symbolism the key
  • Eminem, rapper and producer
  • Em ( brief ), in typography, a longitudinal

Em. stands for:

  • Emeritus, see retirement
  • Emendation, see emendation (taxonomy )

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