Ema called:

  • Japanese horse pictures, see Ema
  • A Timorese ethnicity, see Kemak
  • The language of this ethnic group, see Kemak (language)

EMA is an abbreviation for:

  • Effective medium approximation, a theory to calculate the effective refractive index of mixtures, see effective medium theory
  • Egmont Manga, a German manga publisher
  • Einwohnermeldeamt
  • Burglar alarm system, an alarm system, which is used for detection and reporting of burglaries
  • Electric Museumtramlijn Amsterdam
  • Electromechanical actuator / actuator
  • Ema electric machines, German -language journal of electrical engineering industry
  • Endomysial antibody, a blood - reading in the context of celiac disease - control studies
  • Epithelial membrane antigen, an antigen which is formed by the majority of epithelial cells
  • Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association, an association of all Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni
  • Erika M. Anderson, artist name EMA (c. 1982), American singer -songwriter
  • Ernst- Moritz- Arndt -Gymnasium Bonn
  • Estonian Academy of Music
  • Eternal Maiden Actualisation, humanoid robot of the company Sega Toys in female form
  • Euro - Mediterranean Association for Cooperation and Development, International Association for the cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle East region
  • European Marketing Agency, successor to the CMA
  • European Music Theatre Academy
  • MTV Europe Music Awards the music channel MTV
  • European Management Academy
  • European Medicines Agency, the European Medicines Agency
  • Evangelical Media Academy
  • Exponential Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing see
  • Experimental Modal Analysis
  • East Midlands Airport in England ( IATA code )

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