Era Aviation

Era Aviation was an American airline from Anchorage in Alaska. It operated regional flights, including feeder flights for Alaska Airlines.


The airline was founded in 1948 by Carl F. Brady with a type of helicopter Bell 47A as agricultural airlines Economy Pest Control and adopted in the same year also the flight operations. In 1948 he successfully applied for an order for survey flights to the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska.

The company, including the helicopter was moved from Yakima, Washington state to Anchorage, Alaska and renamed Economy Helicopters. Additional orders in 1950 were accepted for an oil company. For the orders he took several more helicopters. To finance he teamed up with the California Society rotor AIDS and created the company Economy rotor AIDS, or ERA Helicopters. Two Sikorski S -55 and Bell 47 more were procured.

1967 Brady sold his company to the Texas oil companies Rowan Drilling, based in Houston, Texas. He himself remained Vice- President of the Society. In 1968, the era of transport aircraft began with a Swearingen Merlin IIA, and Beech King 90, Hawker Siddeley HS and Twin Otter 125 Rowan Drilling said the company into three divisions on: ERA Helicopters Alaska Division, ERA Helicopters Gulf Coast Division and ERA Jet Alaska.

With nine DHC- 6 Twin Otter and Beech Air 100 and three Convair CV -580 and DHC -7 flight operations began in May 1983 to the niche areas in Alaska and its hinterland of Coastal Inuit. In 1987, the company was renamed ERA Aviation, the red paint remained. There followed several mergers and sales.

2004 bought SEACOR Holding, a specialist in global transportation finance group the entire company. The finances were transferred to CapitalSource Financing. This was only the fillet ERA Helicopters retain and turned off the tap to ERA Aviation. 2005 applied for ERA Aviation bankruptcy protection.

The reconstruction lasted until 2007., The route network and fleet were greatly reduced. ERA Aviation started the beginning.

On 1 January 2010 merged Era Aviation along with Frontier Alaska, the Frontier Flying Service, and the Hageland Aviation Services in the Era Alaska


(As of September 2009)

  • 4 deHavilland Dash 8
  • 3 Beechcraft 1900D