Europe, the Middle East and Africa

EMEA is derived from the Anglo- American language abbreviation for the economy in Europe ( Europe consisting of Western and Eastern Europe ), Middle East ( Middle East) and Africa ( Africa). It is the economic space created by economic tripartite division of the world economy, in which Europe is set as an economic center. The corresponding division into three economic regions is mostly used for statistical purposes, for example by international market research companies such as IDC or for corporate and business reports, especially multinational corporations.

In some multinational corporations, it is common to align the business units in the first order according to this tripartite division, so there is a sales department "EMEA". Depending on the main business area of the company's regions are further subdivided.


The division into three economic regions based on the economic triad in the center of each of the industrialized Europe (especially the EU / EFTA countries), the industrialized North America ( mainly the U.S. ) and the industrialized Asia is ( with Japan as a precursor). This industrialized centers are then added to other regions, the assignment of the countries is not uniform in competence of the sales department.

Despite the now quite widespread use, eg in relation to subsidiaries of U.S. companies, it is a relatively arbitrary economic grouping: The official list of macro - regions of the United Nations leads only Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Allocations and subdivisions


For the Greater Europe / Middle East / Africa, there are two possible subdivisions:

  • EMEA - Europe / Middle - East / Africa EEMEA: Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa; often used as a distinction from the area of West and Central Europe.
  • SEMEA: Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa; Summary of Southern Europe with the Middle East and Africa, the counterpart to this is Western Europe in terms of the United Nations.

In particular, the West and Central European EU / EFTA Economic Area is often treated as an independent sales region. The counterpart to the European region, the MENA region "Middle East & North Africa" ​​( MENA ).


The metropolitan area with the United States in the center usually includes the double continent America with North America, Central America and South America. In English-speaking, these are just the "Americas" ( plural form of "America "), see also Anglo-Saxon and Latin American interpretation of America.

  • Americas ( AMER or NCSA also: North, Central and South America ) includes: NAFTA: the space of the North American Free Trade Agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement )
  • NORAM (also NA, NorAm ): North America equivalent, unlike the geographic North America with Canada, USA and Mexico, the NAFTA (North America)
  • NALA: North America and Latin America ( North and Latin America )
  • LATAM (also LAC): Latin America and the Caribbean ( Latin America and the Caribbean )

Asia- Pacific

The Asia-Pacific metropolitan area according to the triad includes not only the Far East countries with industrialized coasts of Japan, Korea and China, but the entire Southeast Asian and Pacific region.

  • APAC (also APAC, JAPA or APJ): the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan (Asia-Pacific ); see also APEC