European Sportscar Championship

The Sports Car Championship was a 1970 discharged by the FIA ​​with interruptions until 1983 racing series for sports cars.


2-liter Sports Car Championship ( 1970-1975 )

In 1970, the FIA 2- liter Sports Car Championship as an independent racing series in addition to the World Sportscar Championship. In this championship only sports cars and sports prototypes were admitted with an engine capacity not exceeding two liters. Among the represented vehicle manufacturers, there were Chevron, Lola, Abarth, Renault Alpine and Porsche, which were entered by private teams. In the championships, which were held from 1970 to 1974, there was a Constructors ' and Drivers' Championship.

In 1975, the racing series was canceled after two races at Brands Hatch and Hockenheim. In the following two years, many of the 2- liter sports car launched in Group 6 of the World Sportscar Championship which was dominated by Porsche with its 3 -liter prototypes.

Sports Car Championship (1978 )

In 1978, the racing series was relaunched as a sports car championship as a replacement for the canceled group 6 brand world championship. It has been classified separately in the Drivers' Championship in two classes. In the first class vehicles launched with more than two liters. In the second class, all vehicles drove with a displacement of two liters. One Constructors' Championship was not awarded.

Endurance Championship ( 1983)

1983 changed the FIA fundamentally the Regulations for the long-distance championships in which only racing cars of the C and B were admitted. The Sports Car Championship was held as a long-haul European parallel and adjacent to the World Sportscar Championship and the activities carried out in Europe runs were scored in both championships. The following year, the racing series was not continued and finally ceased.