Ezinqoleni Local Municipality

Ezinqoleni (also Izinqoleni, formerly Ezingoleni, Eng. Ezinqoleni Local Municipality ) is a municipality in the district of Ugu, KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. The administrative center is Izingolweni. Makhosezwe Amon Mpisi is the mayor. The IFP represents the majority in the City Council.

2007, the municipality had 56 369 inhabitants according to projections.


Ezinqoleni is a Zulu word meaning, in the car '. Around 1870, here a resting place between the coast and the hinterland was established. Cargo traffic at that time was carried out by carts which were pulled by donkeys and mules. As the white settlers could not pronounce the word correctly, the name was changed to Izinqoleni later. This false name was retained for the present-day capital of the municipality. When setting up the community, it was decided to use the correct, original name for the community.


Ezinqoleni located in the southwest of the district and is bordered to the south on the community Mizana in the Eastern Cape. In the west lies Hibiscus Coast, east and north uMuziwabantu Umzumbe (municipality ). It is the smallest municipality in the district of Ugu. The municipality covers an area of 648 square kilometers. The most important places in the community are Izingolweni, Nqabeni and paddock.


The municipality is located in a hilly and traversed waters of the reserve. For tourism, this is advantageous because it scenic spots, such as the Oribi Gorge -, are admired - a ravine. However, is hampered by the topography of the access to the areas. Especially during the rainy season are individual areas not accessible at all. Nearly half of the municipality is governed by the Traditional Authority's, the tribal leaders.

The most important economic pillar of the community is agriculture. It is cultivated mainly sugar cane, tea and macadamia nut.

The tourism industry in Ezinqoleni has a lot of untapped potential, such as the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve can be much more marketable and ecotourism be developed.


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