Vulamehlo Local Municipality

- 30.21666666666730.6Koordinaten: 30 ° 13 ' S, 30 ° 36' O

Vulamehlo (English Vulamehlo Local Municipality ) is a town in South Africa's District Ugu, KwaZulu -Natal. The administrative center of the municipality is located in Scottburgh. Busisiwe Rosebud Duma is the mayor. The ANC represents the majority in the City Council.

The name of the village comes from the Zulubegriff for, open your eyes '. 2007, the municipality had 74 017 inhabitants according to projections, of which nearly 99 percent are African. It covers an area of ​​973 square kilometers.


Vulamehlo located south of eThekwini. In the east, the municipality borders on Umdoni, on the north by Mkhambathini and Richmond and to the west by Ubuhlebezwe.

The most important places in the community are Jolivet, Dududu, Kenterton, Mkhunya, Braemar and Mfume.


The municipality is located in a rural area. Large areas of land are under the supervision of tribal chiefs. The rural structures in the community with low population density and scattered settlements have high costs to improve the infrastructure. Further problems in the community are high levels of unemployment, poverty and negative economic growth.


In Vulamehlo there are farms which are cultivated on a small scale sugar cane and timber. The strategies of the community to improve the economic situation aim to grow from more different products. In addition to elaborate irrigation systems built and new farmers are supported.


Much of the tourist activities in the region takes place outside the community, as Vulamehlo not located on the coast. To still be able to benefit from tourism, there are projects for the establishment of markets for local art and craft products. Another goal is the cultural interest tours designed to teach the traditional rural way of life.


  • The Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve is a small nature park in Vulamehlo. In the wooded and hilly landscape over 50 different species of mammals live.
  • The Execution Skirt (, Execution Rocks ') is a plateau, which offers a good self about the Umkomaas Valley. According to local legends here Zulu warriors have been encountered as a punishment for offenses in depth.