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F- Droid is an alternative app store for the mobile operating system Android. The specificity of F- Droid is that only those apps are offered, which are free and open source software. In particular, the GNU GPL and Apache licenses, see this application. The source code for each app in the F - Droid repository available to the end user for inspection and modification are available. For the use of F- Droid does not require registration, which ensures, unlike other app sources such as Google Play, an anonymous download apps.

Recording of apps

In addition to the free terms of free apps even each user has the possibility to propose Apps for the repository, provided these as free software (including the source code with the appropriate license) are available in F- Droid. Here are apps that have certain disadvantages, for example, Contain advertising or the end user track ( " to track " ), marked accordingly.

Selection of available apps

In F - Droid a variety of useful apps are available, including:

  • AdAway, a blocker for advertising banners on websites and in apps
  • Anstop, a simple stopwatch
  • APG, an Android port of the GNU Privacy Guard, to encrypt and sign messages or files
  • APV, a PDF viewer
  • CACertMan, a Certificate Manager
  • ConnectBot, an SSH client
  • FBReader, the Android version of the E -book Readers
  • Frozen Bubble
  • Funambol, a contact & calendar synchronization tool
  • Astro File Manager, an Android port of KeePass, password management
  • K-9 -mail, an e -mail client,
  • Mozilla Firefox Mobile, a web browser
  • OsmAnd download a navigation app with the ability to OpenStreetMap maps for offline use
  • ownCloud, an app for syncing files, music, calendar and address book with your own cloud server
  • RMaps, an online and offline viewer for OpenStreetMap, Google, Bing, and many other regional exchange of cards
  • Sokoban
  • VLC media player, the Android version of the popular media player
  • ZXing, a 1D and 2D bar code reader, which can be used for high-speed optical transmission of texts, bookmarks, contact or other information, QR codes generate
  • Plumble, a Mumble client

F- Droid server

The counterpart of the F- Droid App is the Python-based server component, which is also available as free software. Use the server software, it is possible for anyone own repositories for Android apps, like the Guardian Project, set up and put it online. From this you can install your own apps on its Android system using the F- Droid app. Thus, the F- Droid system be regarded as a counterpart for package management, which is known mainly by other Unix-like operating systems.