The abbreviation FB stands for:

  • Fabl binary, a file extension
  • Factory
  • Facebook, a commercial social network
  • Department
  • Car Service
  • Catch basins, rain catch basin
  • Farster peasantry, part of Isernhagen, Hannover Region
  • Feedback, feedback
  • Fenerbahce, a Turkish sports club
  • Remote control
  • Fixed focal length
  • Fettes Brot, a German hip- hop group
  • Filderbahn, a former railway company of Württemberg
  • Financial authority
  • Temporary buildings
  • Flight Attendant
  • Company register
  • Fontainebleau, a town in France
  • Fontainebleau scale, a scale of difficulty in bouldering, Bouldering see # Outdoor
  • Forchbahn, a narrow gauge railway in Switzerland
  • Waybill
  • Framebuffer
  • Free Basic, a programming language BASIC
  • Outdoor swimming pool, a scale outdoor public bath
  • French Vernacular Books, a French bibliography
  • Friendship book, jointly -run book among friends
  • Fritzbox, widespread broadband router from AVM GmbH
  • Fully Buffered, a storage property for DDR2 and DDR3 RAM
  • Floors in building
  • The airline Bulgaria Air IATA code
  • Botswana to the ICAO code
  • Boeing FB, biplane fighter aircraft of the U.S. Navy

FB as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Wetterau ( Friedberg (Hessen) )
  • UK: Nottingham
  • Netherlands: mopeds
  • Norway: Lillehammer in the province of Oppland
  • Austria: District Field Bach ( discontinued)
  • Sweden: Diplomatic for the Republic of Congo
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