FC Spartak Trnava

FC Spartak Trnava is a Slovak football club based in Trnava. Spartak was one of the best football clubs already in Czechoslovakia.


The football club was founded on 30 May 1923. The years 1968 to 1973 represented the most successful time for the football squad of Trnava dar. In the victorious Czechoslovak national team played during the European Championship 1976 in Yugoslavia with Karol Dobiaš also a player from Trnava. After the independence of Slovakia Spartak played then permanently in the first Slovakian league with the exception of the 2000/01 season. The best placement there was in seasons 1996/97 and 1997/ 98, where each second place was achieved. The team from Trnava is also known by the excesses of the fans and by the cries " Trnava do teho! " - " Trnava come!", Which is colloquial. After the grammar, it should " Trnava do toho! " hot. The team is " Bili andeli " - called "White Angel", because there are many churches in the city, but the name is also colloquially, right is " Bieli Anjeli ".

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