FK Senica

The FK Senica is a Slovak football club from the western Slovakian town Senica. The club was founded in 1921. In June 2009, the FK Senica took over the Erstligalizenz of FK Inter Bratislava and thus plays in the top division, the Corgoň league since the 2009/10 season.


The FK Senica was founded in 1921 under the name Železná UNIA Senica. This was followed by renaming in AC Senica in 1928, in FC Senica 1934, seven years later in ŠK Viskoza Senica, 1945 in ŠK Chemické závody Senica and 1948 in Sokol ChZ Hodváb Senica. For the first time regional importance was the club in 1951 when he ascended into the then second highest league ( krajské majstrovstvá ) that he had to leave again in 1954.

After several years in the lower leagues of the team succeeded in the season of 1973/74, as already under the name SH Senica, the rise in the fourth- highest division, the divizia. In the first year the league was not until the last round, in the 1975/76 season the team celebrated promotion to the third division, the first SNL after resolution of the country's second league to one of the three seasons of the second highest one year later Czechoslovak league was.

Second-rate Senica played until 1992/93 season, it was also the last common discharged season of Czechs and Slovaks. The last place in the first SNFL meant relegation to the newly created 3 League of now independent Slovakia. In the 1998/99 season the team while two years later, however, rose to the second league again. In the season 2001/ 02 the immediate re-emergence, before the start of the second division 2002/03 season, the club merged with FK 96 Ress Castkov succeeded. The next descent was followed but in 2003 /04, 2004 /05 Senica was even put through to the fourth league. There, the free fall was only stopped once, even if in the end only the placements 12, 11 and 8 were to book.

Prior to the 2008/ 09 it came to commitment by Vladimír Levárský as a new sponsor, Ladislav Hudec took over at the same time the coach and the sports director office. Senica convincingly won the championship and took over in the summer of 2009, the license of Inter Bratislava, whereby the club is first class for the first time in their history. During the winter break of the 2009/10 season coach Hudec was replaced by the Czechs Radim Necas. 2010/11 was the runner-up behind club Slovan Bratislava and thus qualified for the European Cup for the first time.

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