Federico Lacroze railway station

- 34.586944 - 58.455278Koordinaten: 34 ° 35 ' 13 " S, 58 ° 27' 19 " W

Federico Lacroze station ( Estación Federico Lacroze Spanish ) is a long-distance and suburban railway station in the district of Chacarita the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Opened in 1957, The railhead is located at the intersection of Avenida Corrientes and Avenida Federico Lacroze. Already since 1930, also an eponymous underground station is next to the station.


The origin of today's railway station is closely tied to the history of the Ferrocarril General Urquiza. This was originally founded by entrepreneurs from the Federico Lacroze horse tram service Compania de Tranvias Lacroze between Medrano (now Almagro ) and Pilar in the north of Buenos Aires. In 1891 steam locomotives were used on the route, as of 1912 was the route Ferrocarril Central Buenos Aires. 1947 was the Argentine president Juan Perón nationalized all railroads and gave all Railroads names of several Argentine national hero. The Ferrocarril Central Ferrocarril General Urquiza subsequent name, named after Justo José de Urquiza, a former president of Argentina.

As part of the nationalization of the Ministry of Public Works ( Ministerio de Obras Públicas ) in 1951 decided, at the intersection of Avenida Corrientes with the Avenida Federico Lacroze in the Chacarita neighborhood to build a new terminal station for the Ferrocarril General Urquiza. The new station, a sober -rise building was opened after six years of construction in 1957. It has four central platforms and a side platform, also a direct transition to the adjacent Metro Station Federico Lacroze was the Subte Line created B.

Today the station is primarily a suburban station for the so-called Línea Urquiza, a suburban railway line between the station and Federico Lacroze General Lomos ( partido San Miguel). This has been ongoing since the privatization of the Argentine rail network on behalf of the state by Metrovías. By 2012, the private transport companies Trenes Especiales Argentinos ran a weekly El Gran Capitán distance train to Posadas in Misiones Province of Northern Argentina; the trip took about 26 to 27 hours.