Feld am See

Feld am See is a municipality with 1145 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the district of Villach-Land in Carinthia.

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Geographical location

The municipality is located in Gegendtal in the middle of the Nock Mountains between Mirnock ( 2,110 m ) in the west and Wöllaner Nock ( 2,145 m, no longer in the municipality ) in the east. The municipal area are the Feldsee / Brennsee Afritzer lake.

Community structure

The only Katastralgemeinde of Feld am See is Rauth. The municipal area includes eight villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Erlach (70 )
  • Feld am See ( 698 )
  • Feldpannalpe (3)
  • Klamberg (59 )
  • Rauth (222 )
  • Schattseite (28 )
  • Submarine (25 )
  • Meadows (49 )

Neighboring communities


The Gegendtal was first settled in the High Middle Ages. The term area was first documented in 1308. The sunny side of the valley was cleared and settled until about 1300, the resort Rauth has long been the most important settlement. Your name is derived from the clearing activity of the early settlers, who belonged to the German-speaking section of the population, see " Reuten " = by removing trees and shrubbery make arable. This is confirmed by the name " Laßnitzer " for a settlement site in this location. This name has the same origin: He and his spelling variants such as Lassnitz etc. comes from the Slavic and means a stream that from a forest or a clearing field ( meadow, Au, etc.) comes.

The location field at the lake was created in the 18th century, especially after the construction of the Protestant Church in 1787. 1632 The resulting house burning ( a distillery and tavern) also gave the lake its name. 1851, the elementary school was built. Summer Tourist at the end of the 19th century began first at Brennsee, making the traditional small-scale economic and settlement structure underwent a decisive change.

The community field was constituted in 1850 and was renamed in 1931 in Feld am See. Between 1973 and 1990, the municipalities Afritz and field were merged at the lake, but were separated again after a referendum.


The municipality has 1,154 inhabitants Feld am See (2006), of which 97.3 % have Austrian citizenship. As a religion give 66.0 % Evangelical, 27.5 % Roman Catholic and 0.8 % Islamic about. 5.1 % have no religious confession.

Culture and sights


  • Evangelical Church, built in 1787, Tower 1852, renovated 2007
  • Cathedral of St. Joseph, consecrated in 1960
  • Mirnockriese, carved in stone legendary figure, the symbol of Feld am See


  • Wildlife park in Feld am See
  • Marine Park


Cultural activities in Feld am See emanate from the various clubs and groups. These include:

  • MGV Feld am See
  • Women's costume group Feld am See
  • Trachtenkapelle Feld am See
  • Mixed Choir Feld am See
  • " Mirnock oldies "
  • Volunteer Fire Feld am See
  • Mirnockteufel Feld am See

Regular events

The following festivals are held annually:

  • Zaunring roast - the tradition is celebrated every year with a festival in the Feldpannalm
  • Parish - on Sunday after 8 September, on the village square of the Parish held
  • Maypole celebration - putting up the maypole on the village square
  • Fish Festival - a culinary village festival in August
  • Forest Festival - a country and western festival in the forest arena
  • Faschingsumzug

Economy and infrastructure

According to Census of 2001, there are 69 workplaces with 220 employees in the community as well as 343 commuters and 98 commuters. There are 62 agricultural and forestry holdings ( including 15 in the main acquisition ), which together manage 2,642 ha ( 1999). Economically dominant tourism is on the two lakes.

The transport connection is via the Millstaetter Road ( B 98 ).


Parish council

The local council of Feld am See has 15 members and is composed as follows since the municipal elections in 2009 together:

  • 8 FPK
  • 5 SPÖ
  • 2 ÖVP

Directly elected mayor since 2009, Erhard Veiter ( FPK ).

Coat of arms

Feld am See in 1954 was awarded a coat of arms, which had the legend of Mirnockriesen to the subject, but did not conform to heraldic rules. With the new constitution of the church, 1973 ( inclusion of Afritz ) was the previous coat of arms, but without the shield holding Aquarius adopted. After the separation of the two communities in 1991 the congregation renounced the old coat of arms in favor of a redesign. The Neuverleihung of Arms and flag took place on 30 September 1993.

The outwardly inclined ears pairs of the emblem symbolize a field and the five wave filaments in the sign of a lake. Both components are available for the main economic sectors of the community, agriculture and tourism. The official blazon of the arms is:

The flag is green-yellow with integrated crest.

Partner community

  • Market Wilhermsdorf, Germany, since 1988


  • The painter Hans Bischoffshausen was born in 1927 in Feld am See.
  • The celebrity chef Marco Krainer grew up here and still has a residence here.