Ferdinand de la Cerda

Ferdinand de la Cerda (* 1255, † 1275 in Ciudad Real) was the Crown Prince of Castile, the eldest son of Alfonso X of Castile and German king, and Violante of Aragon. The epithet de la Cerda ( Cerda = bristle or horsehair) refers to the allegation that he had been born with chest hair.

In November 1268 he married Blanche of France, a daughter of King Louis IX. the Holy One. The couple had two sons:

  • Alfonso (* 1270, † 1324 ) ∞ Mafalda of Narbonne, Lady of Lunel, daughter of Aimerico VI. of Narbonne and Sibila of Foix.
  • Ferdinand (* 1275, † 1322), ∞ Juana Núñez de Lara, called " la Palomilla " Mistress Lara and Herrera, daughter of Juan Núñez de Lara "el Mayor" and Teresa Álvarez de Azagra. One of her daughters was the mother of King Henry II of Castile.

Ferdinand died before his father; he was buried in the church of the monastery of Las Huelgas in Burgos.

Alfonso X given by Ferdinand's death, his younger son Sancho as his successor, and thus ignored the claims of the children of Ferdinand, bringing a war with France was triggered because the French king Philip III. whose party took. Although Castile won the debate, but when Alfonso X then wanted to make a division of the kingdom to solve the internal political strife, Sancho and the Castilian grandees revolted against him and put him from 1282.

  • Prince (Spain )
  • House of Burgundy - Ivrea
  • Born in 1253
  • Died in 1275
  • Man