Ferrari 642

The Ferrari 642 was a Formula 1 racing car, the Scuderia Ferrari in 1991 started in the Formula 1 World Championship.

After a successful 1990 season in which the Scuderia both titles only just missed out with the Ferrari 641 Formula 1, followed in 1991 with the 642 a failure. The leadership of the Scuderia had underestimated the power of innovation and the competition changed to the new race car only slightly compared to the previous model. Like the 641 the 642 had a semi-automatic 7- speed gearbox, the 65 -degree V12 engine and a push -rod suspension. Only the body has been revised and the 642 then had better aerodynamic values ​​than the 641

The 642 made ​​its debut at the Grand Prix of the USA with Alain Prost and Jean Alesi at the wheel. Prost was in the race indeed second, but in the next world championship races quickly became clear that the 642 was not a winning car. Rasch began the Scuderia with the development of an alternative, the 643, which was used from the Grand Prix of France. In addition to the second rank of Prost in the U.S., the third place of Alesi during the Monaco Grand Prix was the second podium finish with the 642