FF Norden 02

The FF Norden 02 Weiswampach - Hüpperdingen ( officially FF Norden 02 Wäiswampech - Hëpperdang ) is a Luxembourgian football club from Weiswampach. The club plays its home games at the 2,000 -seat Stade "On the Kiemel " from.


FF Norden 02 was established on 3 May 2002 by the merger of FC Les Montagnards Weiswampach and FC Blo - Giel Hüpperdingen.

Predecessor clubs

FC Les Montagnards Weiswampach

The FC Les Montagnards Weiswampach was founded in 1966. Until the merger, the club has always played in the lower leagues

FC Blo - Giel Hüpperdingen

Blo - Giel Hüpperdingen was founded in 1946 as FC Hüpperdingen. In 1953 the club was re-dissolved and established as FC Blo - Giel new on 1 March 1956. Until the merger, the club hovering just like Les Montagnards between the fourth and sixth league.


Within eight years after the merger, managed the FF Norden '02 the rise of the fünftklassigen 3rd Division in the honorary doctorate.