Firouz Naderi

Firouz Naderi (* Shiraz, Iran, Persian فیروز نادری ) is an Iranian- American scientist and director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL ). He is responsible for the long -term strategic planning, coordination of investigations, acquisition of new missions and development of projects in the early life cycle.


Firouz Naderi studied electrical engineering at the Pahlavi University in Shiraz and was awarded a doctorate ( Ph.D. ) for his work on image processing. He received three degrees in Electrical Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering (Iowa State University, Ames ), Master and Ph. D. ( University of Southern California, Los Angeles).

In 1965, he left Iran for the United States. Naderi joined in 1979 of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His first work in JPL was the design and construction of large satellite-based systems, with which a nationwide coverage with mobile networks should be ensured.

In the mid-1980s, he worked for two years as acting program manager of the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite ( ACTS), the forerunner of today's multi-beam switching satellite Space, at NASA Headquarters.

After his return to JPL, he was appointed director of the NASA scatterometer project ( NSCAT ), whose task it was to collect information on the wind speed and direction over the oceans for NOAA. His career at JPL includes systems engineering, technology development ( Applied Research ) and program and project management of satellite communication systems, remote sensing, monitoring, astrophysical observations and planetary systems.

In 2000 Naderi director of the Mars Exploration Program at JPL, after it had twice failed. In the summer of the same year he participated in the large amount of re-planning of the program, which was redefined as a chain of scientific, technical and functional interrelated missions with biennial missile launches to Mars. By the year 2005, he headed the program, whose greatest successes were the landing of the Mars probes Spirit and Opportunity.

Before the Mars exploration program Naderi led the Origins program, an ambitious and technology- rich NASA program to search for Earth-like planets in other solar systems.

Since 2005 Firouz Naderi is an associate director of NASA JPL.

Awards and honors

In February 2002 Naderi received the highest award of NASA, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal for his " outstanding contribution to space science and exploration ." Firouz Naderi is a member ( Associate Fellow ) of the U.S. professional association of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( AIAA ).

  • 2004: Winner of the Liberal Prize
  • 2005: Recipient of the Ellis Iceland Medal of Honor
  • Recipient of the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
  • Admission into the Space Technology Hall of Fame