First Love (1970 film)

First love is a German -Swiss film adaptation of Maximilian Schell in the year 1970. Schell's first directorial work was created based on the eponymous novel by Ivan Turgenev from the year 1860. The film experienced on July 10, 1970 to the International Film Festival in San Sebastian its first performance.


Somewhere in the country: In the neighborhood of 16 -year-old Alexander pulls the impoverished Princess Zasekina one with her 21- year-old daughter Zinaida. The boy falls in love with Zinaida, which is swarmed by different men, as the Count Malevsky, the doctor Luzhin and the poet Maidanov. First repellent seems Zinaida Alexander to return enthusiasm, even if they alternately pushes him away and then showered with affection.

Alexander's mother wants to know nothing of the enthusiasm of her son for the daughter of the highly indebted house. However, his father is the indifferent or even approvingly. He is often away from home and even stays away overnight. Zinaida turn increasingly sensitive to the clandestine surveillance of each of its steps by Alexander, who suspects a secret lover. When Alexander follows the note one of the many admirers Sinaidas and night monitors the meadow between the parents' property and the Zasekina, he suddenly sees his father. He follows him secretly - eventually through the window he sees Zinaida undressing for his father and his satisfaction at his instruction, itself.

Alexander experienced how treated him Zinaida the next day as a child and brings him her little brother to play with. He accuses her of having played with his love only, but Zinaida assured him, to love him despite everything. Alexander's mother in turn is suspicious for a long time against her husband and now learns that he has the princess Zasekina granted a loan - money that actually belongs to her. Hastily she travels with her husband and son back to the city.

A few years later Alexander arrives in the city on one of the worshipers Sinaidas congratulating him to be got away from the love for Zinaida. Another admirer was now lost. Again some time later Alexander rides out with his father. In a run-down district of the Father holds and Alexander can take care of the horses. When Alexander follows him some time later, he sees the Father with Zinaida speak. The father disappears into her house. Once again a few months later he meets Maidanov, who tells him that Zinaida was now married to Luzhin and in the city while. You 've been lucky, because she had become pregnant after an affair and Luzhin they have nevertheless geehelicht. Alexander's father has since died and has warned his son shortly before his death in front of the women. Alexander wants to go to the hotel to Zinaida after a few weeks, but learns that she died in childbirth.


The lexicon of the International film called First Love as " stylistically inconsistent, politically updated without persuasion and modernized in the equipment, with interesting acting performances and good image work."


At the International Film Festival in San Sebastian First Love won the Silver Shell in 1970. First Love was the 1971 German Film Award for Best Feature Film. The film was also nominated at the Academy Awards in 1971 as a Swiss contribution in the Foreign Language Film category, but lost to the Italian production investigation of a citizen above suspicion.