FL is the abbreviation for:

  • AirTran, U.S. airline after the IATA code
  • Subject teacher ( in )
  • Multiple Conductor ( in )
  • Facelift, facelift in cars etc.
  • Facility Location, optimization problem
  • Driving instructor ( in )
  • Fastest Lap, English for the fastest lap in motorsport
  • FL (car brand ), former French car brand
  • Flight level in aviation a surface of equal air pressure in the atmosphere
  • Flirt Life
  • Florida, U.S. State as postal abbreviation
  • Metro Station Airport Nuremberg U -Bahn
  • Air traffic control boat, former auxiliary boats, seaplanes
  • Fluorescent lamp
  • Lebanese Forces, a Christian Lebanese Party
  • Free List, a political party in the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Foreign power, a company purchased by power
  • Fruity Loops in FL Studio, a software sequencer Image-Line Software
  • Principality of Liechtenstein, an international license plate, see Liechtenstein
  • Principality of Liechtenstein (country code), see Liechtenstein
  • Zambia to the ICAO code

FL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city of Flensburg
  • UK: Nottingham
  • Liechtenstein
  • Moldova: Rajon Falesti
  • Netherlands: mopeds
  • Sweden: Diplomatic Georgia

Fl stands for:

  • Flerovium, a chemical element

Fl is the abbreviation for:

  • Femtoliter, a trillionth of Liter
  • Flute and Flute in scores or cast lists of songs
  • Dutch guilders

Fl is the abbreviation for:

  • Gulden, a gold coin in the Middle Ages, which was partly also called Florin
  • Floruit (Latin for " he / she / it flourished " ), dt bl, prior year values ​​for the ( partial) suspected or creative activity period of a person whose birth and death dates are not known.
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