Franz Joseph I, Prince of Liechtenstein

Franz Joseph I (* November 19, 1726 in Milan, † August 18, 1781 in Metz) was the 8th Prince of Liechtenstein and commander.

Franz Joseph often accompanied his uncle Josef Wenzel on its war marches. He successfully fought among other things on its side in the battle of Piacenza. Even after Parma he followed him in 1760, but already in 1761 he had his duties perceive as Lord Chamberlain, and went with Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine to Mergentheim, where this should be elected Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

A rather less important diplomatic mission undertook Franz Josef 1763, when he had to travel to Spain to the bride of Archduke Leopold, the future Emperor Leopold II, to bring his portrait. From the Bride María Ludovica, the daughter of King Charles III. of Spain, was the prince was greeted warmly.

Since 1767, he has held back a more sophisticated office and indeed the Council a secret. In 1771 he was awarded the Order of the Golden Fleece. In 1772, he became, surprisingly, the Prince of Liechtenstein, since his uncle, Prince Josef Wenzel, had remained childless. His last political-public function at the Habsburg court he received in 1778 when he was appointed President of the Lower Austrian Estate.

But like a typical prince at the time, Franz Josef I. cared more about managing his Liechtenstein goods than to his imperial duties. This increased enormously in 1772, as the prince fell to the legacy of a relative. This relative was the Duchess Maria Teresa of Savoy, daughter of Victor Amadeus III. Maria, King of Sardinia and Duke of Savoy. Maria Therese married the Dauphin Charles, the last Bourbon ascended as Count of Artois in 1824 the French throne as Charles X.. There she went to France, their possessions were divided in and around Savoy. In 1781 died, Prince Franz Joseph I of Liechtenstein.

Franz Joseph I was married since 1750 with Leopoldine von Sternberg, with whom he had eight children. His grave is located in the crypt of the House of Liechtenstein in Vranov u Brna ( Moravia ).