Vranov (Brno-Country District)

Vranov ( German Wranau ) is a Czech community in Okres Brno- venkov and is located ten kilometers north of Brno and seven kilometers south of Blansko.


Vranov was first mentioned in 1365. The town is dominated by the built in the 17th century Pauline monastery ( klášter paulánů ) and the early Baroque Sanctuary Birth of Mary ( Kostel Panny Marie narození ).


Maximilian of Liechtenstein and his wife donated a monastery here in 1633 the Paulaner where you docked the grave lay for the House of Liechtenstein. The royal family had in the South Moravian towns of Lednice and Feldberg until 1945 their two ancestral castles. The present building on the terrace below the church was built in 1812-1815 in the Empire style. Almost all the princes of the House of Liechtenstein were buried here. Only in 1960 at the Cathedral of St. Florin (Vaduz ), a new royal tomb was built, in which also the last date late Prince Franz Josef II was buried.

The Liechtenstein were, although they were not German, 1945/1946 expropriated in Czechoslovakia. The tomb in Vranov u Brna is today. Administered by the Roman Catholic Church and in poor condition The Czech Republic has refused to today, the Liechtenstein citizens return their property; Therefore, they contribute to the maintenance or restoration of the royal crypt at nothing.

The following princes, wives and widows of the house of Liechtenstein were buried here:

Old Crypt:

New Crypt:

Prince Karl I

Prince Hans Adam I.

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