Lelekovice ( German Lelekowitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located eleven kilometers north of the city of Brno at the outskirts and belongs to Okres Brno- venkov.


Lelekovice located in the highlands Drahan in the valleys of the river and its tributary Ponávka Hloušek. To the north rises the Babí lom ( 562 m ) in the north- east, the Baba (442 m ) south of the Strážná ( 369 m), in the west the Šiberná ( 359 m) and in the northwest the Brezina. West of the village held I/43/E state road 461 between Brno and Lipůvka and the railway line Brno - Havlíčkův Brod.

Neighboring towns are U Jelínka, Svinošice and Šebrov in the north, Vranov in the northeast, Adamov and Útěchov in the east, in the southeast Ořešín, Jehnice, Mokrá Hora and Ivanovice in the south, Česká in the southwest and Kuřim and Podlesí in the northwest.


The first written mention of the village was carried out in 1228 in the Codex diplomaticus Moraviae, as Hartmann Hohlenstein gave his property in Studyně the Cistercian convent " Vallis S. Mariae " in Oslavany. It also Hermann von Lelechwyz appeared as a witness. Below the place as Lelechwyze, Lelecouicz, Lelcowicz, Lelecowicz and Lelekowicz was called. Among the possessions of the Vladiken Lelechwyz of the Upper Castle in Rájec nad Svitavou and Rozstání, Spešov and goods belonged in Svinošice, Němčičky and Šebrov. In 1405 the family died, and his property fell to the Lords of Kunštát to. In the middle of the 16th century was the village of 36 houses and had about 180 inhabitants. After the recovery, in the 15th century decline of the castle was built 500 west of it a magnificent courtyard. In hooves register of 1656 are reported for the village 36 estate, of which seven were desolate. West of the village led an ancient trade route from Brno via Zwittau to Silesia, about her is since 1373 an acting Ausspanne inn proven. From 1674 it was known as Lelkowitz and in 1718 he was named Lelekowitz. 1771 had Lelekowitz 310 inhabitants, the village was tschechischsprachig. To the south of the inn founded settlers from the area of ​​Litomyšl in 1784 the settlement interest village.

After the abolition of patrimonial Lelekovice formed in 1850 a municipality in the district of Brno. In 1856 a major fire destroyed part of the village. With the construction of the railway from Brno to Tischnowitz arose in 1884 when the station Lelekovice interest village. 1893, in turn, burned a part of the village down. 1921 came to the village Okres Brno- venkov. Between 1948 and 1960 it belonged to Okres Brno- okolí and after its resolution back to Okres Brno- venkov.


  • Babí lom, with an observation tower, north of Lelekovice
  • Filial church of St.. Philip and James, built in the mid-13th century, the cultivation of the church tower in 1873
  • Natural Monument Babí doly, east of the village
  • Natural Monument Šiberná, west of the town
  • Natural Monument Brezina, northwest of Lelekovice
  • Remains of the castle from the 14th century Lelekovice