Franz I, Prince of Liechtenstein

Franz I, Prince of Liechtenstein, Duke of Opava and Jägerndorf, Count of Rietberg ( born August 28, 1853 Castle Liechtenstein in Mödling † July 25, 1938 in Feldberg) was the youngest son of Prince Alois II of Liechtenstein.

He studied law at the universities of Vienna and Prague, and initially worked in the military, later in diplomacy. He also assisted his brother, Prince Johann II From 1894 to 1898 was Franz imperial- royal Austro- Hungarian Ambassador in St. Petersburg and cultivated a close relationship with the Tsar Nicholas II At his instigation, was in 1907 the Institute of East European History at the University of Vienna founded, including books and entire libraries were bought in Russia.

In 1914 he was made an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences in Vienna and was the 1204 since 1917. Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in Austria.


After the death of his brother Johann in 1929, he took control of Liechtenstein and ruled it from afar.

He founded in 1937 the Princely Liechtenstein Order of Merit and the Liechtenstein Order of Merit.

Since his marriage in 1929 with Elsa von Gutmann ( 1875-1947 ) was childless, his great-nephew Franz Joseph II succeeded him, whom he had entrusted with the exercise of government functions since 1930. Since 1938, Franz Joseph was also also his great-uncle Prince Regent.


Prince Franz I was in the new tomb of the Liechtenstein family vault in Wranau, north of Brno, buried.

His wife Princess Elsa found their final resting place in 1960 completed Princely tomb at the Roman Catholic Cathedral and Parish Church of St. Florin to Vaduz. The tomb is only once a year ( to Saints) available to the public.

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