Fred Hynes

Fred Hynes ( born May 8, 1908 in Nashville, Tennessee, † February 10, 1992 in Los Angeles, California; born Frederic Charles Hynes ) was an American sound engineer.

Life and work

1933 Hynes had done with the film Flaming gold as a sound recording assistant his first film work. Overall, he has won during his career as a sound engineer 7 Oscars for his work, two of whom were honorary Oscars. He was chairman of the Todd-AO Sound Department and retired in 1972 from active film business.


On April 21, 1943 Hynes married Donna Murphy, with whom he is now buried in Logan County, Ohio on the Fairview Cemetery.


  • Oscars ( Academy Awards) 1956: won for Oklahoma
  • 1959: won for South Pacific
  • 1960: nominated for Porgy and Bess
  • 1961: won for Alamo
  • 1962: won for West Side Story
  • 1964: nominated for Cleopatra
  • 1966: won for My Sound of Music
  • 1981: Medal of Commendation
  • 1988: Gordon E. Sawyer Award

Credits as a sound engineer (selection)