Fulvio Ballabio

Fulvio Ballabio ( born October 8, 1954 in Milan ) is an Italian former race car driver and automobile manufacturer.


Ballabio 1983 took part regularly in the Formula 2 European Championship. Initially, for he for the team of Arturo Merzario, reached here but no hard results. In the summer, he joined the French team AGS, for which he scored a fifth and a sixth. 1984 in the last season of Formula 2, Ballabio received no cockpit; The same was true for the first year of follow-up series, the Formula 3000 Championship.

In 1986 he joined with his own team, the Écurie Monaco, to a round of the Formula 3000 Championship. At the Trofeo Elio de Angelis, the fifth Formula 3000 race in the 1986 season, which took place at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, Ballabio reported a scratch built car called Monte Carlo 001, which was derived from an older DYWA. In qualifying he needed for a round almost twice as long as its competitors; therefore he did not qualify for the race. Then Ballabio ended his Formula 3000 commitment. For the next race at the Autodromo Sicilian Pergusa headed by Ballabio Écurie Monaco reported a March 85B used. Driver was Guido Daccò, who finished the race in 16th. but also that he failed the qualification.

Between 1987 and 1989 drove Ballabio in the CART series for Dick Simon Racing and Dale Coyne Racing. In 2004 he took part in two races of the Formula X Sport Series.

Automobile manufacturers

In 1985, Ballabio in the Fontvieille, Monaco, Monaco -based company Racing Services, which later became the name Monte Carlo Automobile received. From here, organized Ballabio first made ​​his Formula 3000 commitment. Later, the company street sports car, which experienced a very limited distribution constructed.

In 1989, Ballabio designed the Centenaire, a super sports car, the first built with carbon fiber car long before Lamborghini or Ferrari began. The car initially had an engine of Lamborghini. In contrast, a later, introduced in 1992 open version had an engine that had roots in racing. The V12 biturbo engine produced 720 horsepower. It was designed by Carlo Chiti. It was the slightly modified version of the engine that had been used in 1990 under the name Subaru Coloni MM3512 of success in Formula 1.

During the Grand Prix of Monaco, 2008, the new super sports car was unveiled by MCA. It was named in honor of the 50th birthday of Albert II It was planned with this super sports car at the 24 Hours of Le Mans to go to the start of 2010.; However, that could not be realized.

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