Merzario was an Italian racing team, which took up to 1979 from 1977 in Formula 1, and by the mid- 1980s in various other formula series was active. Team founder and chef Arturo was Merzario, who played most racing bets in Formula 1 itself.


The first one started in 1977 in the middle of the season for the Spanish Grand Prix in March - 761B - customer car. Although Merzario could not qualify more than once, but he was, for example, the Grand Prix of Monaco is the fastest of four Marchs in the field. In the same year could be achieved in Zolder with 14th place, the best and only result in the final standings the team's history, as well as the 14th best starting place. After the Grand Prix of the Netherlands Merzario decided to cancel the season, to prepare for the next year in which the car itself should be constructed.

Finally, in 1978 launched Merzario the first full season of the team with the Merzario A1/01, which is very similar to the March 761, and a new main sponsor Marlboro. For home race, the Grand Prix of Italy, stood beside Merzario also the Italian Alberto Colombo, who, however, could not pre-qualify. It was the only use of two cars on a race weekend. Overall, the season was with some qualifications not less successful than the first attempts of the team in the previous year.

Still unsuccessful was the 1979 season for Merzario: With the old A1/01 you could still qualify for the Grand Prix of Argentina and the U.S. West, while the later models and A1/02 A3 proved to be faulty designs. At the Grand Prix of Monaco - after the acquisition of the German Kauhsen teams - Gianfranco Brancatelli approached for the team because Merzario had a broken hand; he could not qualify. On the basis of the revised " Kauhsen WK005 " you stepped in from the Grand Prix of Great Britain with the Merzario A4. Merzario could qualify for no other race of the season. Plans to compete with a modified A5 in the 1980 season, failed for financial reasons.

From 1980 to 1984 the team went even as a design engineer in Formula 2 and later the Italian Formula 3 on without achieving this significant success.

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