Gallaher Group

The Gallaher Group plc. is a British manufacturer of tobacco products and tobacco wholesaler, who is one of JT International.

Gallaher was originally founded in 1857 by Tom Gallaher in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 1896 Gallaher built the then world 's largest cigarette factory in Belfast.

In 1928 the first IPO and Gallaher grew in the following years through acquisitions. 1936 Senior Service, 1947 J. R. Freeman and 1955 Benson & Hedges accepted. The Silk Cut brand was introduced in 1963.

In 1968, Gallaher was acquired by American Tobacco. In May 1997, a renewed IPO took place. The shares are traded in London and New York.

2000 Gallaher took over the Russian cigarette manufacturer Liggett - Ducat and was also represented on the Russian market. 2002 acquired Gallaher Austria Tabak and thus became the market leader in Austria. Austria Tabak is the owner of tobacco wholesalers Tobaccoland Austria and Tobacco Hungary. In Germany it holds a majority stake in the Tobacco Automatengesellschaft company and a stake of 25.1% in Lekkerland GmbH & Co. KG.

In Austria, in the Canary Islands, the Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom factories to be entertained. Overall, working at Gallaher approximately 12,000 people.

Gallaher is mainly active in the European market, but is also represented on the Asian and African markets. In 2006 the turnover was £ 8.4 billion (2005: 8.2 billion ), of which £ 5.66 billion (2005: 5.6 billion ) was attributable to the tobacco tax. Winning the fifth -largest tobacco company in the world in 2006 was £ 565 million ( 2005: 516 million) before tax.

On 18 April 2007 the acquisition of Gallaher Group by Japan Tobacco was announced.

Major brands

  • Benson and Hedges
  • Silk Cut
  • Memphis
  • Nile
  • Mcgrant
  • Swedish snus