Japan Tobacco

Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japanese日本たばこ産業 株式会社, Nihon Sangyo Kabushiki - Tabako gaisha ) is an international Japanese tobacco, food and pharmaceutical company. Based in Tokyo and is listed on the Nikkei Index Group employs a total of nearly 48,000 people. In fiscal year 2008/2009 Japan Tobacco earned a gross revenue of 69.554 billion U.S. dollars or turnover net of tax of 23.365 billion U.S. dollars.

The actual main activity of the Group is the tobacco business. Japan Tobacco is the world's third largest cigarette manufacturer, the international tobacco business is performed by the Switzerland-based subsidiary of JT International SA. The three main brands include Winston, Mild Seven and Camel.

Japan Tobacco Inc. was founded in 1985, its roots go back to 1898, however, introduced tobacco monopoly in Japan, which was administered by the Ministry of Finance. This resulted in 1949, the Nippon Sembai Kosha (日本 専 売 公社, Eng. , Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation. ). In 1977, the Mild Seven brand was launched. After the founding of Japan Tobacco Inc., the company was partially privatized. The Japanese Ministry of Finance still holds a 33.4 % stake in Japan Tobacco (March 2013).

In 1999, Japan Tobacco with the Geneva-based RJ Reynolds Tobacco International SA, the non-US tobacco activities by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. It appeared, which was founded in the same year, JT International SA. In this the whole of the international tobacco business of the Group outside Japan was summarized. In April 2007, Japan Tobacco, the British company Gallaher Group.