Gegen den Wind

  • Hardy Krüger junior Sven Westermann
  • Ralf Bauer: Niklas, Nik ' Andersen
  • Henry van Lyck: John Westermann
  • Daniela Ziegler: Christine Andersen
  • Julia Heinemann: Britta Behrend
  • Antonio Putignano: Rocky
  • Katrin White: Martina
  • Hendrik Martz: Tjard
  • Heinrich Schmieder: buoy
  • Christian Näthe: Timo
  • Tabea Tiesler: Tanja
  • Ivana Kansy: Iwana
  • Rebecca Immanuel: Sonja
  • Dennenesch Zoudé: Sarah
  • Alexander Haugg: Knut
  • Marco Girnth: Patrick
  • Julia Dahmen: Yvonne
  • Henry Hübchen: Lonzo
  • Patrick Harzig: Dennis
  • Sandra Leonhard: Sascha
  • Katja Woywood: Julia
  • Ursula Buschhorn: Vicky
  • Janette Rauch: Melissa
  • Eva Habermann: Paula
  • Jessica Genz: Stine
  • Ricarda Reffo: Stine

Against the Wind was a German television series that was produced from 1994 to 1997. The shooting took place in Sankt Peter- Ording. After the end of the series, a spin-off was produced: The beach clique (also with Marco Girnth ).

The pilot episode of the series was filmed in 1993. The series was shot by September 1997.


The best friends Nik Andersen and Sven Westermann did not just their hobby together, windsurfing, but after the wedding of Nik's mother Christine and Sven's father, John, like siblings. Christine manages the pension Godewind and John owns a hotel in which Nik after a surfing accident some time working. However, he gives this profession to quickly and increases with Sven in publicity. Incidentally he gives surfing lessons. The two boys experience on the beach of St. Peter -Ording, together with her ​​clique ( Tjard, Buoy, Lonzo, Tanya, Timo, Dennis and Sasha ) all kinds of adventures and train hard to achieve her goal of becoming a professional surfer.

As Nik injured in a surfing contest, his future as a surfer is in danger. Sven also it has not so easy to realize his dream because his father would rather see him also in the hotel industry. Nevertheless, he supports his son, while Christine Nik would most like to see without a surfboard. Not only the pressure of competition in surf competitions, but also love stories represent the friendship between Nik and Sven to the test. So both fall in love Niks physiotherapist Britta, the then first anbandelt with Sven and finally with Nik.

After the double wedding of Christine and John, as well as the pizzeria owner Rocky and his girlfriend Martina has taken place, Nik Britta separates and this leaves Sankt Peter -Ording. Sven's new girlfriend Sonja comes in a motorcycle accident. Nik looks at Hawaii Sarah again, which he has previously met in St. Peter -Ording, and brings them back with me to Sankt Peter- Ording. They founded together with the other girls of the clique, Julia, Sven's new girlfriend, and Martina, the local radio station Radio SPO.

Another stroke of fate overtakes the family Westermann, as Christine one day by a walk on the beach does not return and never reappears. Then hired the family nanny Melissa, who from now on will take care of the little Stine. Nik and Sven are once again abandoned by their girlfriends, but quickly fall in love again. Yvonne is new come together with lifeguard Patrick, who is a fantastic surfer and thus is still competition for Nik and Sven in the city. You will Niks girlfriend while Sven fell in love with Vicky.


  • Against the Wind was the most successful primetime series on ARD. About five million viewers each episode.
  • The complete series (52 episodes / 4 seasons ) is available on DVD.